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New Jams


This past weekend Joe & Jason got together to jam and record. New tunes, perhaps?


Catch The Wave!

New Wave EP Re-release


On July 6 we will be digitally re-releasing our "New Wave EP" to commemorate it's 15 year anniversary.

We also dug up another nugget from the past courtesy of Corky Clark. Please enjoy!


The ShamROCK


With barely any rehearsal under their belts, the guys slammed through a short set of Radioactive favs.

The setlist: End Of The World, Taken For A Ride, I Just Wanna Be Loved, Hush & Stole The Show.

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Radioactive Live


Jason, Joe, Justin & Kevin will be rocking out some Radioactive favs at The Shamrock in Murrieta, CA. See Calendar


Time Keeps Runnin' Photo Collage


Enjoy the stroll down memory lane! 


"Slow Dance" Video

Topanga Jam


First AM Radio jam/rehearsal for this new album, Topanga style. 

Topanga Jam


"Blowin' Away" Video


This just in...


March Update


Kevin and Jason just started writing a new tune "Things Break".
Jason is working on a video for "Blowin' Away".


New Vids, New Pics


Next up: video and photo shoot. Stay tuned.


Spotify Us!

Shine Released!!



This just in... the digital release date of the new AM Radio album "Shine" is December 10th!!


Mission Complete


OK OK, So the Big news is The New AM RADIO album is done....I got sidetracked by life, but it is done and it is awesome, it is Blood, Sweat and Tears...We all put a lot into making this album BAD ASS. I am proud to have Produced,Recorded, Mixed ,Mastered, and played keyboards and sing on this work with Kevin Ridel and Jason Moore and redirect the sound in a new and positive direction. We shall see what happens next?? This album is one Pretty Diamond!! 




But Seriously


But seriously, we're ever so close to finishing this album now. We just need to adjust the backing vocal levels on the chorus of "Don't You Cry" and Matt needs to sing backing vocals on the 2nd verse of "Pretty Diamond". Then master those 2 songs and that's that.




Almost finished mastering now!!!


Insert Album Title Here


But seriously, almost done. Just need an album title now. Anyone?


2013 Album Play-By-Play #50


Just sent all song mixes for a possible final review. Woo!


2013 Album Play-By-Play #49


Working on the last track Pretty Diamond great song!! Great vocals, great lyrics, and killer guitars...well killer everything....Making sure this Pretty Diamond is taking care of. While the rest of the band sits around and does nothing hahaha. First to show up, last to leave.

Dare to Dream.



2013 Album Play-By-Play #48


Track 11 Blowing Away, sounds amazing! Harmonies sound so good! I wish I was in them...oh we'll! One more! And then I start over and remix them all again, cause I think they could sound different!! Jus kiddin



...and now a moment with Matt


When you align yourself with other talented people and have the intention to do good things it is amazing what you can accomplish! Be the best you can be!

So excited about this album!!



2013 Album Play-By-Play #47


So basically I have 2 songs left to mix, it takes a bit of time and i constantly go back and forth re-evaluating things...This album is killer... so it will be done in 6 to 8 months JK but so many good songs, with textual layers so there is plenty of reason to listen over and over:>) 

Peace out girlscout_ Matt


2013 Album Play-By-Play #46


Tonight I re-sang the choruses to "Bend In The Wind" because Shox and Matt did such an amazing job with the backing vocals. At the end of the song Shox and I "go off". It's almost like a vocal battle. Matt, would it kill you to get some A/C in the studio? hahaha



2013 Album Play-By-Play #45


Last night, in the finishing touches stage of recording, Shox laid down some ripping backing vocals to "Don't You Cry", "Pretty Diamond" and "Bend In The Wind". Just before the session Kevin texted the following message to Shox: "Singing contest. Go!"

Today Matt mixed and mixed and mixed....


2013 Album Play-By-Play #44


Finished BASS with Justin Fisher last night. We did "Pretty Diamond", "Don't you Cry", and "Time Keeps Running". One of which is the title track for the Album. So now it is fitting the pieces together, clean up with some additional keyboards and vocal arrangements, Mixing and Mastering... I have my work cut out for myself... but it is our jewel," Shine, shine, shine, pretty diamond of mine".

You can never out perform your own self image, become what you believe:>)

Matt Corey


Mixing It Up With Matt


I have to say I am very pleased, with how things are coming along, I have been doing rough mixes, experimenting a bit as I wait and plot the final elements. I have even let a few close friends hear some of what I have pulled together in the last few days, and the feedback so far has confirmed, what I initially felt all along...that the songs are Great! The arrangements are Great! This is a new Am Radio! Catchy songs with musical depth. Very proud to be involved with a talented group of guys! I've won an Emmy, but a Grammy is in my sites.

Peace love and Mortar,



2013 Album Play-By-Play #43


Saturday Night we recorded Bass with Justin Fisher on 4 tracks, 3 left!!! He did a great job, he is such a good musician, I felt weird giving him I really didn't LOL I would just say "how did you feel about that take?" He pretty much nailed each song in one take, but usually did three and we cut up the best pieces to make one master take.

Live in the present, thats all you got.



2013 Album Play-By-Play #42


Last night Kevin and Matt braved the 100 degree West Valley weather to re-cut the vocals to "Don't You Cry". Tonight Justin lays down the bass to 4 more!


And Now A Word From Matt


So its official Jason Moore killed it on the guitar, Kevin has rocked the hell out of these songs , Just finishing up the Bass in the next few weeks with Justin Fisher (Nerf Herder), some special guest background vocal spots, a few keys, then on to mixing this bad boy... Get Ready!! You can't kill AM Radio:>)

Peace and Hair Grease,

_Matt Corey


2013 Album Play-By-Play #41


Jason and Matt (who was sick) finished off all the guitars yesterday, finally calling it at 3AM (Radio).


From Matt With Love


Hey guys, so we have 4 more songs of guitars left! The tracks so far are epic, this album has great songs, tons of depth, and I believe I am pulling the best out of Jason and Kevin... Showcasing the great musicianship they are capable of while still maintaining the integrity of the song. We will post some video cuts soon! Peace love and ROCK! - Matt


More From Last Weekend


Jason and Matt will be rocking some more guitars tomorrow. In the meantime here's some more footage from last weekend.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #40


Yesterday Jason and Matt had a marathon day of tracking guitars, knocking out a big chunk of the album. Here's a little taste below.


Jason Mirror Acoustic Teaser


Jason warming up for a weekend of guitars.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #39


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages... the moment you've been waiting for.... Jason is in the studio! Friday Jason and Matt laid down acoustic guitars to half the album. Today they are tackling the other half, and then next weekend the electric guitars. Matt reports that the acoustics sound amazing!


2013 Album Play-By-Play #38


Kevin and Matt wrapped up the lead vocals to the new album last night, hammering out “Bend In The Wind”. Similar to “Blowin’ Away” there was some trial and error in finding just the right pocket to the mid-rangy chorus. In contrast, the vocal ripping at the tail of the song proved effortless.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #37


Kevin and Matt tracked vocals to "Blowin' Away last night. After hitting the first verse on the very first take, it took an hour singing the chorus over and over and over before it finally clicked.

"Matt is the best vocal producer. He has been able to unlock different character and characters in my voice on this album. It's like recording with a vocal coach in the studio." (Kevin)


2013 Album Play-By-Play #36


Kevin and Matt tracked vocals to "Blowin' Away last night. After hitting the first verse on the very first take, it took an hour singing the chorus over and over and over before it finally clicked.

"Matt is the best vocal producer. He has been able to unlock different character and characters in my voice on this album. It's like recording with a vocal coach in the studio." (Kevin)


2013 Album Play-By-Play #35


Kevin and Matt whipped off "Pretty Diamond" this evening with a little help from Matt's son Jagger.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #34


Kevin and Matt paid some dues last night, tracking the vocals to "Don't You Cry" in 95 degree weather. However, that didn't stop Kevin from enjoying a hot grande soy vanilla latte. The guys also took several lengthy breaks to debate Bible scripture.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #33


Frank whipped off the drums to the last 2 songs today "Bend In The Wind" and "Pretty Diamond". According to the guys, the drum fills at the end of "Bend In The Wind" are epic. There's now talk of some percussion (shakers, tambourine, a fish?)




The guys took a couple weeks off from recording. So where we at now? 2 more drums to go, 7 more bass, 4 more vocals, 2 days worth of guitars, some more keys, mixing and mastering. In the meantime please enjoy this vid of Frank gettin' raw in the studio.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #32


Last night Kevin and Matt tracked the vocals to “Time Keeps Runnin’”, which is the most epic song on the album having 4 choruses and 2 musical interludes. Each chorus was sung a little differently, both lead vocals and harmonies. One harmony part was a unique blend of full voice, head voice, and falsetto. Singers recognize.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #31


Last night Justin Fisher laid down bass to almost half the album. It was a Connecticut reunion of sorts as Justin, Kevin & Matt are all former Connecticutians. They traded stories about the good ole days in between takes: the Manchester Bandroom (Bezzini Brothers), Sunset Strip, Shufflepuck, etc...


2013 Album Play-By-Play #30


Kevin & Matt tracked the vocals to "No Matter" today and made another wacky video. The studio hit 80 degrees again (towards the end of the session) prompting a rendition of "Hot In Herre" by Nelly.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #29


Kevin & Matt tracked the lead vocals to "Wastin' Time" tonight. Beforehand Matt made Kevin re-sing "day" and "I" over like 15 times to touch up "The Monster". There may end up being some cool vocal effects on the album, though autotune will not be one of them. And even before that they shot this wacky video.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #28


Kevin and Matt whipped off vocals to "The Monster" tonight. There were some scary high notes. Pun intended. They had to consult mutual friend Dan Formica on one pesky chorus vowel.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #27


Kevin and Matt tracked vocals to "When You Call". Trivia: Kevin and Matt used to be telemarketers way back in the day.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #26


Frank whipped off the drums to “Don’t You Cry” and added tambourine to “Blowin’ Away”. And no, there will not be any cowbell on this album.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #25


Kevin and Matt cut vocals to "Empty" and "Choose Love" today and here's video to prove it.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #24


Kevin and Matt cut vocals to "Slow Dance" today in a 4 hour no holds barred session.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #23


Frank flexed his muscles on "Blowin' Away". The 8 measure drum roll is quite something else. He also scratched an idea for "Don't You Cry" which he'll wrap up next week.

Tomorrow Kevin and Matt cut some actual keeper vocals. Stay tuned for more...


2013 Album Play-By-Play #22


The bass player has landed. Justin scratched bass lines for "Choose Love" and "Empty".


2013 Album Play-By-Play #21


Frankly my dear I'll go ahead and cut 3 amazing drum takes. That's exactly what Frank did today tracking "When You Call", "Time Keeps Runnin'" and "Choose Love". The best thing is that the guys are just letting him do whatever he wants with the drums and it's been working out perfectly. 

In other amazing news, Justin Fisher (Psoma, Nerf Herder, Shufflepuck) is going to play the bass on the album!


From The Producer's Chair

2013 Album Play-By-Play #20


First post of 2013. Matt and Jason have been working really hard under "radio silence". They have guitars tracked for almost all of the songs. Video coming soon from Matt.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #19


Kevin and Matt just scratched the vocals to song #12 "Blowin' Away". Many bad wind related puns were told during the session. Kevin suggested a saw accompaniment. Matt mimicked the sound of a 2 man saw going back and forth. Nope.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #18


Matt’s been on a keyboard jazz odyssey this week adding scratch keys to “Don’t You Cry”, “Bend In The Wind” and “Time Just Keeps…”. The album is becoming very colorful. 

Today Kevin and Matt scratched vocals to “Pretty Diamond”. Kevin stopped the song cracking up to the verse lyrics: “With just one taste of your milk, I went and bought the whole farm”. Re-write!


2013 Album Play-By-Play #17


Kevin and Matt scratched vocals to "Don't You Cry" today, after reviewing the BPM's (beats per minute) of all 12 songs on the production spread sheet. Kevin's voice was extra scratchy, still not 100% recovered from his laryngitis a couple weeks back. He promises to sing along with Journey's "Greatest Hits" album until it's go time on the actual vocal recording. Anybody want to loan Kevin an old muscle car for authenticity?


Now Testify!


Testimony from Kevin regarding the 2013 AM Radio album:

“Musically, this is the most exciting project I’ve ever been a part of. Some of these songs are personal favorites from stacks of songbooks written over the years, old and new. And they are no longer just my songs. I took them as far as I can with an acoustic guitar, my voice, pen and notebook. Jason (Moore) has been making them his own by arranging them and adding his own special magic. None more evident than song #12 “Pretty Diamond”, the scratch guitars laid down just last night.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #16


Twas a busy day yesterday in AM Radioland. Frank whipped off the drums to 2 rockers, “The Monster” and “Empty”. Frank is really proving to be a one take wonder, further reinforcing the adage “practice makes perfect”.

Jason also scratched guitars to “Blowin’ Away”, reminiscent of a spaghetti western with elements of Henry Mancini’s “Mystery Movie Theme” (which happens to be the ringback tone on Kevin’s cell). This song was written backstage on the Weezer Dusty West tour back in 2002.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #15


It was a slow week as Kevin has partial laryngitis and Matt is busy polishing his Emmy. Frank took a stab at "The Monster" to flesh out drum parts and Jason is working on "Blowin' Away" as song #11. 

Oh yea, and happy belated birthdays to Jason (Nov 26) and Kevin (Dec 6).


2013 Album Play-By-Play #14


Last night Kevin and Matt busted out scratch vocals to songs #8 and 9, "Empty" and "Time Just Keeps On Runnin' Out On Me" aka "Doozy".


2013 Album Play-By-Play #13


Kevin and Matt scratched some vocals tonight to "The Monster". It's the type of song that you could yell "yeehaw! it's Woody's round-up" over the instrumental section, because that's exactly what happened.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #12


Shox and Matt cut backing vocals to "Wastin' Time" and "Choose Love" the other night. Yesterday Jason scratched out guitars to the next 2 songs in the queue, "The Monster" and "Empty".


2013 Album Play-By-Play #11


Right now in this very moment longtime buddy of Kevin, Shoxwaken Hincks (World Without Sundays), is busting out some serious backing vocals with Matt. Some may remember an early AM Radio show in Hollywood where Kevin And Shox duet-ed on "No Diggity" by Blackstreet. Some may even be trying to forget. hehe




We are in the middle of a songwriting frenzy here. There's no telling how long it may last.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #10


Kevin and Matt just tracked scratch vocals to "Bend In The Wind (It's Only Love)". There was some serious belting on this one a la "Becoming You".


2013 Album Play-By-Play #9


This is the “week of Frank”. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a short work week. Though it does mean that Frank is knocking out drums to the new AM Radio album from his studio in the OC. Yesterday he laid down 2 very different but amazing takes for “No Matter”, and today 3 for “Wastin’ Time”.

In other news, Jason tracked scratch guitars in a higher key to “Bend In The Wind (It’s Only Love)”. Following the trail of keys, the song has gone from F# to D to F.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #8


This just in... today Frank laid down some solid drums to "Slowdance". Sh** just got real!

The guys cut scratch vocals to "When You Call" last night, opening the song with the throwaway line “this goes out to the telemarketers”. For the second time they attempted "Bend In The Wind (It's Only Love)" but concluded the song is not as dynamic in a lower key. Speaking of keys, Matt has been adding oldies style keyboard parts to some of the songs, working on them into the wee hours of the night. There is a wondrous collaboration occurring between Kevin, Jason and Matt on this album.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #7


Jason finished the scratch guitars to "Bend In The Wind (It's Only Love) last week and last night Kevin cut the scratch vocals to "No Matter". Matt and Kevin came up with a harmony/counter melody for the chorus that is as strong if not stronger than the chorus melody itself. Magic does happen in the studio.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #6


Frank Reina will be playing drums on the new album! Frank played on Kevin’s single “Rise” earlier this year and (among other really cool gigs) Scott Weiland’s albums “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and “Happy In Galoshes”. For more on Frank please visit

Jason recently cut scratch guitars for “No Matter” and is currently fleshing out “Bend In The Wind (It’s Only Love)”. That makes 6 songs chosen so far (out of 50) for the new album.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #5


Kevin cut scratch vocals to "Slow Dance" tonight and then lent some super sonic harmonies to Matt Corey's heavy metal project. "Slow Dance" is in a lower vocal register like the verses of "I Just Wanna Be Loved". 


2013 Album Play-By-Play #4


Jason cut scratch guitars to "Slow Dance" yesterday. Today Kevin messed around with 2 different keys for the song. AM Radio used to do that a lot back in the day, try a song in a few different keys until the vocals sat just right.


2013 Album Play-By-Play #3


Jason cut scratch guitars for "When You Call".


2013 Album Play-By-Play #2


Kevin added scratch vocals to "Wastin' Time" and "Choose Love" tonight. Quote of the evening: 

Kevin: "I'm really trying to focus on pitch. "

<Matt & Kevin listen back to the take.> 

Kevin: "Perhaps I need to focus more."


2013 Album Play-By-Play


Jason cut scratch guitars for "Wastin' Time" and "Choose Love".

The guys are still choosing songs from a list of roughly 50 songs.


The Return of AM Radio is now officially launched!

This just in... We just finished recording our new single "Bad Luck" with Emmy Award winning producer Matt Corey. Press play on the AM Radio Player (just to the right) or visit our Music Page to listen. The "Bad Luck" MP3 is now available (or soon will be) at your friendly neighborhood digital download store.

But that's not all folks! We are also currently working on a brand new full length album with Matt. Jason is recording scratch guitars this weekend for the first four tunes. Stay tuned for much much more…